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Ceramics to Inspire

Pottery by Jesse Golden  |  Handcrafted in Boston

Let my art inspire yours

Jesse Golden is a Boston based potter, teacher, and owner of Clay Lounge. He creates sleek and modern designs that are at the crossroads of minimalist aesthetics and comfortable ergonomics.


His 15 years’ experience in the craft and ‘Ceramic Sabbatical’ across Asia gives him a diverse knowledge of clay history, style, and tradition. Jesse uses ancient pottery styles as a foundation to bring history to the present, fusing man-made geometry with the natural to bring unique and lasting tableware and home decor.

Inspire Your Surroundings

Pieces on display at
Clay Lounge Galleries located:

75 Thayer St, Boston Ma 02110

You can find pottery for sale at Clay Lounge located 75 Thayer Boston, Ma 02118

Or reach out for custom inquiries

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