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Jesse Golden's pottery has beginnings in Los Angeles and moved to Boston in 2020 amidst the Covid-19 quarantine. While social distancing Jesse spent countless hours building a pottery studio in his parents’ basement. 

Jesse was inspired from a 5 month 'Ceramic Sabbatical' across Asia where he participated in artist residencies, studio visits, and home stays throughout China, Taiwan, S. Korea, and Japan. Returning to his home city, Jesse sought to coalesce these styles to help inspire others with his art.




Jesse feels that everyone is an artist and everyday actions display your creativity. You are an artist when you cook a meal. You are an artist when you decorate your home. He shares his art to inspire yours.

J.G Clay uses ancient pottery styles as a foundation to bring history to the present, bridging the east coast and west coast. Fusing man-made geometry with organic nature.

Jesse makes lasting handmade pottery to inspire the artist in you. Let my art compliment yours!

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