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I Create So You Can Be Creative

My process creates sleek and modern designs that are at the crossroads of minimalist aesthetics and comfortable ergonomics. It begins with software to help visualize the process.

Designs move to the studio where I locally source the clays, glazes, and other raw materials. 

My pieces are hand thrown and trimmed on a potter's wheel. I make plaster molds and slip caste different lines of work. I pride myself in recycling 95% of our clay to be reclaimed and reused. 


After my pieces dry, they are vitrified in the first kiln firing. I glaze in J.G Clay signature finishes and fire a second time in an oxidation atmosphere hitting temperatures of 2230°F. 


Once they cool pieces are safely packaged and shipped to your door. They are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe with no harmful materials to humans or pets (FAQ).


The pieces are then yours to frame your dish, complement your interior design, inspire your creativity.

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